Does the agent need to be present for the photo session?

This is up to the agent.  You are more than welcome to attend the appointment and it is a great way to get in front of your client for some face time.  I know your time is valuable and I am more than capable of handling the shoot myself if you are unable to attend.  I also have a Supra key so vacant homes or homes where the seller cannot attend the shoot are also not an issue.

Why do you do photo packages instead of charging based on sqft?

I base my prices on the amount of work that I need to do.  For the vast majority of the listings I have shot, 15 photos is plenty.  If you need more, you have the option to purchase more.  Just because a house is larger in square footage doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a lot of photos.  I leave that up to the agent in an effort to make my services affordable regardless of the size of the house.

What is your turnaround time?

You will receive a link to the photos delivered to you via email within 24 hours.

Will you move items before shooting?

I try to use a common sense approach here.  I am there to take pictures, not stage a home or do the dishes.  With that said, I want your photos to look the best they can so if that means I have to move a few things around, I will do it.

Why should I hire you instead of taking the photos myself?

We all know where the majority of home searches start.  We also know that homes with bad photos are often unfairly overlooked.  You owe it to yourself and your client to get as many buyers through those doors as you possibly can.  Spend your valuable time doing what you do best, selling houses.  Let me take the burden off of your shoulders and let me do what I do best.

Since you are an agent, how do I know you won’t try to steal my clients?

When I go to shoot a home, I am a photographer.  When a seller is aware that I am also an agent, I often do get asked about pricing, my opinion on features of the home etc…  I always defer to the agent.  I am not there to step on anyone’s toes and quite frankly I’m not getting paid to be an agent and sometimes I just like to turn that part of my brain off.  I have shot hundreds of homes for dozens of agents and have never poached another agent’s client.  In a business where your reputation is everything, I don’t plan to start now.

Will you shoot my wedding, my daughter’s senior pictures, etc…

No.  Trust me, that isn’t my specialty and you probably wouldn’t like the results.


Is your question not answered above?  Give me a call and ask it in person!